Popular Blake Mycoskie Quotes

If you just go out and try to make money by starting a business, you’re going to come up with something that’s just like what everyone else has done. But if you look at the world and see opportunities that can be taken more seriously, then you come up with a great idea.

No matter how convenient it is for us to reach out to people remotely, sometimes the most important task is to show up in person.

The goal isn’t how much money you make, but how much you help people.

If whatever you do helps just one person, you’ve done something wonderful.

The more you give, the more you live.

The most important step of all is the first step. Start something! What if that idea you have in the back of your head is a really good one, one that might end up helping tens of thousands of people? You owe it to the world ot act. Or maybe it will help only a few people: The same advice applies. If you don’t do it, you are missing out on something big, and so are the people who could have been helped.

I surround myself with inspirational quotations. This easy-to-follow piece of advice has played a huge role in my being able to get past my own fears and insecurities throughout my entrepreneurial career.

When you incorporate giving into your business in an authentic and transparent way, your customers become your best marketers.

[People] had never heard about someone giving something away every time they sold something.

Who is Tom? There is no Tom. If we sell a pair of shoes today, we give away a pair of shoes tomorrow. Originally we thought of “Tomorrow’s Shoes,” but I could only fit “TOMS” on the label. I had no idea everybody would want to meet him. There is no Tom; it’s an idea for a better tomorrow.

TOMS didn’t have to focus on advertising, but on giving in a way that’s sustainable.

Giving builds loyal customers and turns those customers into supporters…You can find passion and profit and meaning all at once, right now.

Giving is what fuels us. Giving is our future.