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David Einhorn Quotes:-  David Einhorn is an investor, philanthropist, and hedge fund manager from America. He is the founder of and president of a long-short value-oriented hedge fund named Greenlight Capital. Famous Quotes by David Einhorn are beautiful. He describes the values he got from his parents. He says that got patience from his dad and toughness from his mother. He says that we do what we are said to do or what your loved ones want you to do when you don’t expect to make money from your business for some time. David Einhorn Best Quotes are about the uncertainty of things. He tells us that we don’t know what something or someone can bring to us. David Einhorn Quotes about Joel Greenblatt discuss the meaning of high ROIs. He says that the companies which produce a large profit in less capital are considered great. He calls it simplifying an already simple book. The quotes are true and have a simple meaning. David Einhorn Quotes loss is really awesome. He says that if you lost something or had a great loss in business it doesn’t mean bad luck. He says that if some loss is happening to you that is because of your bad analysis and not bad luck. David Einhorn Quotes about Microsoft says that Microsoft can be if great help for Facebook. He says that it can help Facebook to fight a big challenge which is to monetize its traffic that too without affecting user’s experience. He is damn sure about a fact that tells Facebook needs search and Microsoft needs traffic. He says that risks are greater in Microsoft than a poker table. He talks about his family business which his father and grandfather handled. The story tells us about uncertainty in business and that there are many factors which affect it.

Famous Quotes David Einhorn

David Einhorn Quotes Famous Quotes David Einhorn David Einhorn Best Quotes 30+【David Einhorn Quotes】- Founder of Greenlight Capital We Have The New Collection of David Einhorn Quotes. These Amazing Quotation Are Chang Your Mind And Inspire You. You Can Share With Your Friends And Family.

On my best days, I fancy myself a combination of Dad’s persistence/patience and Mom’s toughness/skepticism.

When you leave a good job to go off on your own and don’t expect to make money for a while, you name the firm whatever your wife says you should.

I spent most of high school working on the debate team, probably at some expense to my grades. Being a member of the team was great training in critical analysis, organization, and logic.

As an investor my job is to figure out what will happen rather than what should happen.

Microsoft has one more shot at a role in smart phone software through its deployment on Nokia phones. Nokia is still the global market share leader in cell phones. Maybe it will work out, but this is hard to envision great success in the area coming on the heels of so much disappointment in missed opportunity in this important and visible category.

David Einhorn Best Quotes

I will keep a substantial long exposure to gold — which serves as a Jelly Donut antidote for my portfolio. While I’d love for our leaders to adopt sensible policies that would reduce the tail risks so that I could sell our gold, one nice thing about gold is that it doesn’t even have quarterly conference calls.

What is uncertain is how much further the bubble can expand, and what might pop it.

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One of the best investors around, Joel Greenblatt, has written a popular, charming and funny book about investing in great companies at low P/E multiples. To simplify an already simple book, great companies are generally measured as companies that can generate lots of profit without requiring a lot of capital. This means that they have high ROEs.

I’ve got a fantasy-baseball team with my brother. But I have to admit, he does all the work.

I rooted for the Milwaukee Brewers and its stars, Robin Yount and Paul Molitor. I went to a lot of games, including the World Series in 1982. The Brewers may have been a bad team for most of my life, but to have your team at its peak when you are thirteen years old is an experience I wish for every fan.