Famous Gabrielle Union Quotes

Know what? She’s right. See, then we’d be doing them a favour. Then they could feel good about sending raggedy Ann up here to jack us for our cheers.

“Where we come from, ‘cheer’ is not a word we hear very often…”

I was thinking d-a-d-d-y

You get so afraid of failure and so afraid of losing and so afraid of not being the best that it’s not a natural drive – it’s born out of fear of failure. Which helps in Hollywood.

I had to learn – since I’m divorced now and everyone is like, ‘Oh my God, you’re single, what’s going on?’ – that if I don’t like to spend time with myself, how can I ask someone else to enjoy spending time with me? I’m getting to learn how to enjoy my solitude and have a good time.

I like directors who have worked as actors. They know the experience.

When someone who loves and cares about me compliments me, I feel more glamorous than when the flashbulbs are going off on the red carpet.

If someone lacked decency or respect, I didn’t allow that person to stay in my world.

If my real life was half as exciting as what is reported, I would be thrilled.