Lawyers Quotes

The lawyer’s truth is not Truth, but consistency or a consistent expediency.

Rattle a lawyer’s door and you get more lawyers.

Lawyers will always buckle under to something, whether its bribes, violence, court orders, or the weight of their own bullshit.

A lawyer must be a great author.

The minute you read something that you can’t understand, you can almost be sure that it was drawn up by a lawyer.

Lawyers are operators of toll bridges which anyone in search of justice must pass.

Lawyers are just like physicians: what one says, the other contradicts.

I’m not sure I can say there is a clean line between me as an individual and me as a lawyer.

It is unfair to believe everything we hear about lawyers. Some of it might not be true.

Why don’t you ever hear of a lawyer getting attacked by a shark at the beach? Professional courtesy.

Avoid lawsuits beyond all things; they pervert your conscience, impair your health, and dissipate your property.

Anybody who thinks talk is cheap should get some legal advice.

The lawyer’s jest, the hired assassin’s trade.The average lawyer is essentially a mechanic who works with a pen instead of a ball peen hammer.

War is the statesman’s game, the priest’s delight.

The power of the lawyer is in the uncertainty of the law.

It is not what a lawyer tells me I may do; but what humanity, reason, and justice tell me I ought to do.

Arguing with a lawyer is not the hardest thing in the world; not arguing is.

I’m a lawyer. I go for due process; I go for fairness and equity these values mean a lot to me.

Lawyers spend a great deal of their time shovelling smoke.

It is the trade of lawyers to question everything, yield nothing, and to talk by the hour.