Manny Pacquiao Quotes

I could see he was having problems taking my punches. I had no problem taking his.

“It’s not about material things, it’s about the honor that I’m bringing to the country.” – Manny Pacquiao

“No notes. You speak from deep in your heart. It’s easy.” – Manny Pacquiao

We pray everyday. We read the bible everyday, so everybody’s happy.

I always ask myself, what do I need to prove? I won the fight.

I’m happy to help people.

Faith is my motivation to win.

Only in death will I relinquish my belts.

I know what poverty is.

I want to prove that he’s wrong – he’s wearing a t-shirt that says he won the last two fights.

Even the president is watching the fight.

I want them to make peace with the love of God.

“I have to give people time to take a picture, and sign autographs. I have to be generous to people. It is in my heart. Without that, I would not be Manny Pacquiao.” – Manny Pacquiao

“I wanted to be a world champion.” – Manny Pacquiao

“The most important thing as a leader is your relationship with God.” – Manny Pacquiao

“With God, hard work and focus I can accomplish what is ahead of me.” – Manny Pacquiao

“Fearless is getting back up and fighting for what you want over and over again, even though every time you’ve tried before you’ve lost.” – Manny Pacquiao

I know everyone in the Philippines is happy.

Nothing personal – I am just doing my job.

We have a job to do. After the fight, I’ll love him.

I’m surprised that the fight was kind of easy.

You train hard and I’ll train hard, and may the best man win, and good luck to both of us.

I don’t mind having these relatives. I’ll give them a little, since they all prayed for my victory.

I don’t even remember if he hurt me with even one punch. Amazing what the result is.