Amazing Marcus Tullius Cicero Quotes

History is truely the witness of times past, the light of truth, the life of memory, the teacher of life, the messenger of antiquity.

Never was a government that was not composed of liars, malefactors and thieves.

It is as hard for the good to suspect evil, as it is for the bad to suspect good.

I cheerfully quit from life as if it were an inn, not a home; for Nature has given us a hostelry in which to sojourn, not to abide.

Death is dreadful to the man whose all is extinguished with his life; but not to him whose glory never can die.

That last day does not bring extinction to us, but change of place.

There is, I know not how, a certain presage, as it were, of a future existence; and this takes the deepest root, and is most discoverable, in the greatest geniuses and most exalted souls.

Some men make a womanish complaint that it is a great misfortune to die before our time. I would ask what time? Is it that of Nature? But she, indeed, has lent us life, as we do a sum of money, only no certain day is fixed for payment. What reason then to complain if she demands it at pleasure, since it was on this condition that you received it.

The nearer I approach death the more I feel like one who is in sight of land at last and is about to anchor in one’s home port after a long voyage.

Freedom is a possession of inestimable value.

The freedom of poetic license.

Freedom is a man’s natural power of doing what he pleases, so far as he is not prevented by force or law.

Liberty is rendered even more precious by the recollection of servitude.

To freemen, threats are impotent.

The sinews of war are infinite money.

To study philosophy is nothing but to prepare one’s self to die.

Philosophy is true mother of the arts [of science].