Amazing Mark Burnett Quotes

The way I see it, more people are wired with broadband from 9 to 5 during the day than watch TV at night. So therefore isn’t the real prime time 9 to 5? Playing games at your desk – that’s the new prime time, isn’t it?

There’s nothing like biting off more than you can chew, and then chewing anyway.

I came here with nothing, with maybe a hundred bucks in my pocket and had to get a job. And these wealthy people who had made their money themselves, I worked for. It did show me what could be achieved in America, what’s possible if you have some vision to take big risks.

You don’t need to make shows about sex and drugs and violence to get ratings.

If you want to be certain, you should never get married. You should never change jobs. In fact, you might as well just stay home. Because I don’t know anybody who is certain. That need to be certain is just procrastination.

Facing your fears robs them of their power.

Content is King,’ and with more screens needing entertaining content now than at any time in history, that statement is truer than ever.

Attitude produces character, and character produces hope.

The best person to get something done is a busy person.

I will guarantee you that the day you step outside your comfort zone by making success your goal is the day you discover that adversity, risk, and daring will make life sweeter than you ever imagined.

No one’s going to watch The Bible on primetime TV.