Great Robert Greene Quotes

A lot of the things that involve power on the highest levels sometimes involve the darker side of human psychology. People can be very passive aggressive or they can be aggressive and they can conceal their intentions. There’s this world that exists that nobody writes about or describes it’s like a dirty little secret or taboo.

What I like about the internet, what I see there is that its much more democratic. I have much more control, and if what I write is liked by the public, I have immediate feedback. There are so many things I want to say – about events in the news, politics, the gamesmanship and manipulations I read about, thoughts that occur to me about the power game, advice, on and on.

I’m okay for things like theater and stuff but for film, I just didn’t think in the right way and I didn’t like the business. So I was unhappy. So I was in something that was moderately related to my, what I call my calling or my life’s path, which is writing, but it wasn’t like the right fit.

There was writing and foreign languages. I always had an ease with foreign languages. So the both are related, both language related kind of mind.

I didn’t like writing just articles and things. So then I wandered around. I tried my hand at film and television and that was a worse fit because I don’t really have a mind for that.

Early on in life I knew that I was a writer, that I just wanted to write, I love books, I love literature and after graduating college, I kind of wandered around in Europe learning languages and writing novels and never led anywhere. And then I got into like journalism in New York as a way to kind of maybe find my way into the field and it wasn’t a good fit. It just wasn’t right for me.

People who are reading my books, or who are thinking about it, have some general idea about the concept of strategy. They’re better off than somebody that has none. So I would never say it’s useless.

I’ve always been intrigued by fighter pilots and strategy because it occurs in like, milliseconds, you know.

I’ve always been kind of a strategic thinking person – I love sports for instance, but my interest in sports is because I love watching strategy in action or playing it. I’m not into the drama so much, of the physical action. I’m interested in the coach and how he’s strategizing.

You could have a lot of money at your fingertips, the finest education and intellectual knowledge, but if you are governed by fear none of that will matter. You will remain tied to dead ideas and stale strategies. You will not be able to adapt. You will lose what you have.

Nobody that I know really likes the feeling of having no power and not being able to influence people. But most of us aren’t too conscious of what we are trying to do and get that control and that power so people end up sort of playing all kinds of unconscious manipulative games or they’re sort of half aware, they have an idea of a strategy or goal they want to use and they think about it. But then in the heat of the moment, it kind of all flies out the window.

We happen to live in an era that is incredibly wrapped up in notions of political correctness; everything is seen through the lens of politics. But being political and politically correct is just another way of fighting, another form of power and strategy, an insidious means of manipulation.

Most people are perpetually locked in the present. Their decisions are overly influenced by the most immediate event; they easily become emotional and ascribe greater significance to a problem than it should have in reality.

No one’s really taking it seriously enough, being more kind of careful and cautious in planning your life out and trying to reach a goal. It takes a great deal of effort – and this cannot be taught.

On woman Nature did bestow two eyes, Like Heiman’s bright lamps, in matchless beauty shining, whose beams do soonest captivate the wise And wary heads, made rare by art’s refining.

I have examples of people who find their way back later on in life, in their 30’s, 40’s, it can happen in your 50’s, I’m sure it can. It’s not really a science. It’s maybe more of an art.

There’s a real tension between it being a collaborative art process, which is almost like performance art of yourself, and, as we talk about the movie, it’s kind of a mix between melodrama and cinema verity. This involves ideas about playing the role of yourself and the movie of your life and all these other things.

Weep not, my wanton, smile upon my knee; When thou art old there’s grief enough for thee.

Things like reading a book or learning a language, or taking a walk – they’re not stimulating. Your mind has to sort of learn how to deal with that kind of stimulation on its own. So that’s a very important form of adversity.