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Stanley Druckenmiller Quotes:-  Stanley Druckenmiller is an investor, hedge fund manager, and philanthropist from America. He worked as chairman and president of Duquesne Capital. Stanley Druckenmiller Best Quotes are about people who are running a business for a long time. He says that the last thing you must be doing is buying stock with borrowed money. There is something for investors. He explains that people tend to sort out their problems with the rules they made in past and don’t think and accept changes that can come in future. Famous Quotes by Stanley Druckenmiller talks about machines doing everything of business. He says that can poverty be removed if machines do everything. He is not optimistic about it. He doesn’t believe this after looking at what people did in history. Stanley Druckenmiller Quotes about games shows his love for games. He says that you need to be decisive, flexible, open-minded, and competitive to be a good player. He calls investing a big game. Stanley Druckenmiller Quotes about George Soros are motivating. He says it is not important that you are right or wrong. The important thing is to know the profit that you made when you were right and the loss you faced when you were wrong. Stanley Druckenmiller Quotes about money are about his work. He says that he enjoyed managing client’s money but he moved on after 30 years because he felt he is not giving the best now. He inspires you to make money and give it away when you have enough. He says that helping others with your money is the best way to satisfy your soul. Stanley Druckenmiller Quotes about kids tell us about his personal interests. He loves being around kids. Stanley Druckenmiller Quotes about good investors appreciates the investing discipline of goof investors. He calls it the secret of their success.

Stanley Druckenmiller Best Quotes

Stanley Druckenmiller Quotes Stanley Druckenmiller Best Quotes Famous Quotes by Stanley Druckenmiller 25+【Stanley Druckenmiller Quotes】- Chairman of Duquesne Capital Get The Best Collection of Stanley Druckenmiller Quotes. These Amazing Quotation Are Chang Your Life. You Can Share With Your Friends And Family Member.

Good debt growth is when you borrow money, and it goes into the real economy. You do capital spending. You build businesses.

Everyone sort of lives with their rulers in the past and doesn’t look at coming changes.

I think old people like Hillary Clinton and I shouldn’t try and be cool with social networks, you know; maybe she should leave that stuff up to Chelsea.

All in all, I don’t think robots and greater automation can bring about a utopian world as I imagined it would as a kid 50 years ago.

If you’re running a business for the long term, the last thing you should be doing is borrowing money to buy back stock.

Famous Quotes by Stanley Druckenmiller

If machines do everything well, including allocating capital and resources efficiently, can that be deflationary, can that eliminate poverty? I don’t know. It’s hard to be very optimistic if you look at how humans have behaved historically.

I particularly remember the time I gave (the research director) my paper on the banking industry. I felt very proud of my work. However, he read through it and said, ‘This is useless. What makes the stock go up and down?’ That comment acted as a spur. Thereafter, I focused my analysis on seeking to identify the factors that were strongly correlated to a stock’s price movement as opposed to looking at all the fundamentals. Frankly, even today, many analysts still don’t know what makes their particular stocks go up and down.

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Part of my advantage is that my strength is economic forecasting, but that only works in free markets, when markets are smarter than people. That’s how I started. I watched the stock market, how equities reacted to change in levels of economic activity, and I could understand how price signals worked and how to forecast them.

The way to build superior long-term returns is through preservation of capital and home runs…When you have tremendous conviction on a trade, you have to go for the jugular. It takes courage to be a pig.

I’ve always loved to play games, and face it: investing is one big game. You need to be decisive, open-minded, flexible and competitive.