Popular T. D. Jakes Quotes

Arrogance always destroys opportunity

You shouldn’t shoot at every opportunity that passes by.

How you think about your opportunities determines how you will act on them.

A church that focuses on the external has lost its passion for souls.

It is your passion that empowers you to be able to do that thing you were created to do.

Success is not success without a successor.

Face the giants in your life, slay them, and move on. Do not be daunted by the mistakes and failures in your life.

Eagles fly where lesser birds cannot fly, so eagles can do what lesser birds cannot do.

We are the people that we have been waiting for and no one else is coming.

If you have the capacity to be more than one thing , do everything that’s inside of you.

a setback is a setup for a comeback

When you make a decision to forgive it’s a decision that you have to make intellectually.

The myth of the poor Jesus needs to be destroyed, because it’s holding people back.

When Jesus says, ‘Take, eat. This is my body that was broken for you,’ He says, I want my body in you. (Pause. . . shouts and claps) I want my blood in you. And every time you celebrate this rite, it is a reminder that you belong to me, and I belong to you. And he said, ‘I will drink no more wine until I drink it new with you and the kingdom of God. Communion is the most romantic ordinance. Eh, Eh, Eh. (He laughs. Pause. . . the audience shouts and claps.) It is the most romantic ordinance between two lovers.

When you begin to realize that your past does not necessarily dictate the outcome of your future, then you can release the hurt. It is impossible to inhale new air until you exhale the old.